Many organizations are leaving servers behind and making the switch to cloud-based services. However, it’s important not to get caught up in that trend without seriously considering the options. An on-site server is still a great choice, and that will remain to be true in the years to come. Your server is the essential core of your network. It provides you with a collection of very important services, such as network and user security management and hosting for corporate databases and application servers. Your server plays a vital role in your network, which means that its reliability is essential for the success of your organization. It’s important to make sure that your server is well-maintained so that it will continue to support your organization. Check out these top four server care tips.

  1. Only use top vendors. A server is not the place to scrimp or try out an off brand. When you are choosing a server, it is in your best interest to choose a well-known, trusted brand, like Dell, IBM, or HP. This way, you know that you are receiving high-quality components. A top vendors like these will also provide you with warranty support in the event of a problem. Trained technicians will be available to assist you and make sure that you get the parts that you need promptly. With this support, you can be assured of minimal network down time.
  2. Get the warranty. New serves typically come with a three year, on-site warranty. This often includes 24/7 immediate response, which is quite helpful if your business is open around the clock. If you are still using the same server after the three year warranty expires, it is a good idea to renew it each year while it is still in use.
  3. Update periodically. Server software is coming out with upgrades and newer versions of products all the time. It’s not cost-effective to upgrade every single time that a new product comes out, but it is important to upgrade periodically so that your system doesn’t get too far out of date. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is over 11 years old, but it is still in use in many offices. New versions were released in 2008 and 2012. Windows Server 2003 may still be functional, but the newer versions have a lot more to offer. There are new, beneficial features, improved performance, enhanced security, and greater stability.
  4. Physically protect your server. A server is an expensive and sensitive piece of equipment. It is essential that the server is physically secure and protected so that it doesn’t get damaged by accident. Store your server in a safe location where it won’t get bumped, kicked, unplugged, spilled on, or used as a shelf.

These four server care tips will help your server to be functional and reliable for years to come. It’s pretty simple. Choose a well-known, respected vendor; get a quality warranty for the duration of your possession of the server; update your server software regularly; and physically protect your server from accidental damage.

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