Celebrating 25 Years

A Leading Manufacturers Representative for Network and Security Infrastructure Products.

Covering the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest Areas.

About SEGI

Serving the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest

Our main office is in Tempe, AZ, where we have set up a training showroom and customer service center. We pride ourselves on providing the best pre and post-order service in the industry. Our associates have employment experience with leading industry manufacturers, distributors, and contractors.

We service and support the following industries along with any facility with mission-critical network and security infrastructure deployment requirements. As a manufacturer representative, SEGI represents manufacturers who provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

Industries and Facilities We Service:

  • Data Center Project
  • Healthcare Facility
  • University or College
  • Public or Private Schools
  • Fortune 500 Company
  • Small Business
  • Military Complex
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Multi-Family
  • Life Science/Lab
  • Office and Retail

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A new license type for Wave VMS is now available.

About SEGI

SEGI has been helping companies grow since 1998. We are a manufacturer's representative for security and network infrastructure products with a commitment to delivering fast, reliable, state-of-the-art network and security solutions to various industries that help to connect coworkers, partners, and customers.

If you are interested in joining our network, please feel free to call us or complete our contact form. We would be happy to help you.

Serving the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest

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