Private sector businesses , which include Manufacturing, Financial and High Tech products and services, are competing on a global scale. This requires them to be able to identify, evaluate and act on opportunities brought to them from all corners of the world.

Capabilities such as audio and visual conferencing and fast reliable networking are all essential for conducting global commerce.Cost containment is also a crucial part of becoming competitive in the global market.

Investments in infrastructure such as fiber cable management have to be considered with careful cost / benefit evaluations and recommendations. Small, local businesses have the same requirements

These factors are key reasons why many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies specify Leviton, Berk-Tek, Chatsworth, Fluke, VFC, Prime Conduit – the manufacturers represented by SEGI.

Global product availability,reliable cost effective products and services as well as knowledgeable sales personnel based in every major market give us the ability to meet and exceed your needs.